Is your home properly fortified?

A wind mitigation inspection will determine if your home has the protective features that are needed to defend against hurricane-level winds. If your home does have these types of features, you may qualify for one or more wind credits under your Florida insurance policy! An O.E.C. Inspections’ professional can thoroughly evaluate your property and help you determine if you are eligible for these credits!

Many factors will determine the types of credits you can obtain, including:

  • The year the home was built
  • The year the roof was built
  • Whether your attic construction has hurricane-resistance features
  • The type of roof deck and its components (nail size, nailing pattern, etc.)
  • Roof-to-wall attachments (use of single wraps, double wraps, clips, toe nails, etc.)
  • The geometric shape of your roof
  • The types of exterior openings your home has

You Can Save Up to 88% in Insurance Costs

A wind mitigation inspection is the most effective inspection type when it comes to lowering your insurance policy. For example, a hip roof alone can qualify you for a 40% discount on your insurance premium! Overall, you can end up saving as up to 88% on your insurance costs.

We offer superior inspections, superior reports and superior service, period!

Quality service everytime

Compare our experience, professionalism and competitive prices to any other home inspection company. We offer superior inspections, superior reports and superior service, period! O.E.C. Inspections’ home inspectors are ASHI® Certified, licensed and average over 10 years experience. All of our home inspectors are excellent communicators who take pride in their work and encourage questions during the inspection. 99% of our clients say they would recommend us to their friends and family!

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View An Example Report