Locating Wood-Destroying Insects & Organisms

Do you think your home may be infested with termites? If you live in a moisture-rich area such as Florida, your home is likely a more vulnerable target. Termites are insects that feed on dead plant material, and they are infamous as wood destroyers.A termite inspection is a visual inspection for evidence of wood-destroying insects or organisms of the readily accessible areas of a home. The inspector will visually inspect the entire interior of a home including entering any sub-space, crawlspaces, attics and the exterior of the property.

Our termite inspections can help you to:

  • Pinpoint the exact location of the termite infestation
  • Determine the severity of the termite problem
  • Identify your possible courses of action for ridding your home of termites

How long does an inspection take?

Depending on the size and conditions of your home (such as the amount of personal items in the target area), the typical termite inspection takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Once your inspection is completed, we will immediately provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings!

We offer superior inspections, superior reports and superior service, period!

Quality service everytime

Compare our experience, professionalism and competitive prices to any other home inspection company. We offer superior inspections, superior reports and superior service, period! O.E.C. Inspections’ home inspectors are ASHI® Certified, licensed and average over 10 years experience. All of our home inspectors are excellent communicators who take pride in their work and encourage questions during the inspection. 99% of our clients say they would recommend us to their friends and family!

View An Example Report
View An Example Report